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If You are a Business Owner and you think that you are NOT earning enough PROFITS from your business as you expected when you started your business, You have come to the right place.
  • We are Business GROWTH Consultants for the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. We work along with you on your Business to make small changes in the way you do business to make exponential profits.
  • You may ask what changes do we make? 100’s of things

    However, without confusing You or trying to show how good we are, we have identified 33 Mistakes which most Business Owners do in Business, which if plugged and Avoided, You will be able to close the Leaks in your Business. This itself will reduce your Losses and make you Tons of money. Then we have Shortlisted around 443 amazing profit making concepts out of which around 20-25 apply easily to any Business. Be it a Product sales business or a Service based Business.
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    See some of the Ideas in Video format in the CONSULTING menu above.. Free Lessons and Videos will help you understand what we Give you. What we do to TURN Around Your Business from NOT So profitable Business to a Very profitable Business , is a Process which is Proven process. these profit strategies and Tactics are tested around the World in 36 Countries by more than 1300 Business Consultants since past 46 years. Talk to Us, meet us and see how we can Transform your Business. Every business is Different yet the Fundamentals of making profits remain the same.
  • Every Business has Different situation and different Background. yet profits can be made if You have enough customers for it. We show you how to get New customers. we show you how to retain old customers. we show you how to Actively get referrals ( Not only passive ) we Find the Hidden resources in your existing business which you never used to create a rainfall of new customers and or from existing customers.
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  • Still want to know more, how we created this Consulting Services?

    the main reason why people use our services… then read below..

The questions Being

” What is it that makes a Person Successful in Business?”

” what differentiates Him or Her from Failure?”

” Why is that almost 94% of the Businesses or entrepreneurs Fail?”

” Is there a Special Secret of Success?”

” Can we learn the special Secret or Knowledge fast?”

“Can we teach somebody Business Secrets outside a MBA school ?”
” Can we teach only the really required Knowledge and cut the fluff?”

” Do existing Businessman have the required Know-How to grow the existing Business?”

” How can we find the GAP between the Theoretical knowledge of MBA schools and the Practical Knowledge of the Ground level Market and then really squeeze the JUICE and the WISDOM of the Successful Business and Businessman and give that WISDOM to Common Man who is struggling to grow his Business in this highly competitive market”

The Thought process was to find a answer to have the SHORT CUT to SUCCESS or the shortcut to EXPERIENCE
The experience of the successful people.

If You could TAP into the Minds of GREAT People when You need the answers !!
.If You could get to know what GENIUS people would have done in your Business Situation.
If You could get the answers to your questions by the experts in your Business.. easily.
If you could get the MIND MAP of the Solution which other people have already found for the questions and Problems you are facing and then Give you the BEST solution possible. Best Solution out of the Multiple Solutions available.

If you could get “THE SOLUTION” which applies a little more than Common sense .. the WISE DECISION.
The Answer from the WISE. or at least the options from the WISDOM Gallery. If At all it is present.

In fact we were Thinking of the Impossible… almost. everybody says that YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE and live Yourself to know it.
But we kept searching for some clues. we got a Hint in the sayings of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji said that “You can live many lives if you read the Biography of Other great People.”

“You Could Live many Lives Simultaneously in Your Present One Life”

What a great Thought !

Then came a problem. Most or almost 90% or more people do not HAVE or Do not get the time to read a BOOK.
Excuse or whatever… the problem remains. When will the small Businessman read so many books and then find a answer to his immediate question.

Now Iam thinking in terms of Practical problems You and we face in Everyday Business.

The thought process goes ahead from here.

Now I want answers to my Everyday Business Questions and Problems NOW.
I want to learn the Best of the Best Business Knowledge on how to grow my existing Business , whichever Business Iam into or Business I want to get into. without doing a Expensive MBA from a MBA college. Without spending 2 or 3 full years.

How many options do you have then? we could think of 2-3 options.

1. Keep doing whatever you are doing and keep searching answers. Learn from your Own Mistakes. Keep doing Trial and Error. ( actually that is no solution)
2. ASK a EXPERT or Consultant what to do ( a good option.. Though maybe a Bit Expensive)
3. Attend seminars and workshops on Focused areas in which you need Help.

Now, for most people option 2 is again a problem, as they don’t know where to find a expert from the Business they are into as most Other businessman actually do not share the WISDOM. try it. most don’t. if you find one, you are lucky. and even if you do, It may not be possible to ask again and again without paying them.

so problem to find expert , even if you are ready to pay is still present. and for the option 3 again, the trainings and workshops are not easy to find. and many are very expensive to attend.

Then what do a small Businessman do?
How does he learn the best of the Knowledge of the Business world in the shortest Possible time ?

We thought that, if We could just collect the Most probable situations and then collect the Best Answers to them by the EXPERTS and Specialist in their fields, we could make your and all small and medium Businessman’s Life Much easier.

That’s exactly what we have done.

I have personally collected almost all ( yes, almost all or at least the best of the best available and Known)
the Business Growth information from all the TOP experts and Gurus of the WORLD.

You Name it and I have the Collection.

I have the SEMINAR, Workshop, Book, Course, Video, AUDIO Program,

The consultations and just about everything and every business Program you could have on the Face of earth.

Following Business Experts Like:

Scott Hallman
Chet Holmes
Jay Abraham
Dan Kennedy
Napoleon Hill
Dale Carnegie
Donald Trump

and You name it.
So what does it amount to? what does that Mean to you?
a LOT.

I have tried and combined the whole Bunch of teachings into small bits of Lessons.
Now that is a Humongous task at hand I tell you. Its not easy one bit.
We have spent 100’s and 100’s of hours going thru the teachings of the Masters
to distill the Essence. The WISDOM of the Teachings. The WISDOM of the Business.

It will be untrue if I would say that I was successful in doing so.
Doing the collection of WISDOM Ideas, Concepts, Learning.

But let me tell you this. This Process of Learning from them was a BONUS
to me as a person. The learning’s were great. The Time spent was well spent.

Small Chunks lessons. Digestible. one at a time.

Applicable to small Business. Ideas to work immediately.

Wisdom of the Ages. applied.

The Bottom line..

Here is a Consulting or Course Designed for Businessmen.
for people who are in Business and want to GROW their Business.

What do you get

1. A 52 weeks of Business Management and Marketing Course.
2. Audio and Video Teachings in Lesson formats.
3. Notes and Assignments for learning.
4. Projects and Activities to advance and apply your new found KNowledge.
5. Skills to progress fast in your Life.
6. Answers to your Immediate Business Growth questions.
7. A system to implement to run your Business without YOU.
8. Sales and marketing Secrets they never taught in MBA schools.
9. Plain WISDOM from the GREAT Thinkers and Businessman till date from SOCRATES to Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

10. Best of All , Pure Entertainment in terms of learning and Know what was going inside the Minds of these great extraordinary Legends and How they applied their Minds to the Business Situations and maybe get an Idea what to do NOW in your Existing Business Scenario.

if for Nothing else, You will have much better insights into your Business, Which then you can take better decisions.

It helps when you know that EXPERTS in the field would have done the same.

I personally feel that, there maybe better MBA schools and better teachers in the world. However, If you can get the best of best at 1/1000th of the cost and in the comfort of your Home and convinience of your own Time. There is No competition with the School Of Business WISDOM.

You will realize and experience it soon. Join US now.

all the best

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